Each of our co-founders has more than 20+ years of work experience in the semiconductor industry and wireless communication arena, spanning from R&D, Sales & Marketing, Operations, and all-round successful business exposure.

Supremicro's core staff are also a team of industry veterans long devoted to critical job roles of R&D, sales & marketing, and operations, from top semiconductor firms like Intel, Mediatek, HiSilicon, Dialog, Samsung, and etc.; they are also a group of brilliant minds graduated from prestigeous universities like SJTU, , Georgia Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, USTC, National University of Singapore, and etc.

Key member of R&D team all have PhD and master degrees, specialized in the development and mass production of high-end RF/analog IC, wireless technolgoies, low power and smart SoC like Wi-Fi/BT Combo, Wi-Fi AP/Router, Broadband Gateway, Networking Switch, GNSS, LTE multimode chip and etc. Their achievements have demonstrated great track records of winning top OEM customers and volume shipment in millions of units. "